Business Migration: Considering EU Opportunities

Each year various authoritative publications such as Forbes or Time share their lists of the most attractive countries for the so-called business immigration. If you decide to open a business or to transfer it abroad, looking through this list may give a couple of vital idea. Today we are picking up the most mentioned countries for EU business immigration in 2015 according to various sources.


For many years Denmark finds itself comfortably at top positions in various rankings on business immigration. What makes it so attractive? For example, the fact that there is almost no corruption, and the local economy is characterised by a high level of development and overall positive dynamics. Personal freedom of citizens is deemed in Denmark, and its legislation works in full compliance with the highest EU standards. It is also important that among all the members of the European Union Copenhagen is a major supporter of trade liberalisation.

This way or the other, you will hardly refer Denmark to the game changing companies in terms of business and economy development. However, this aspect is somewhat compensated by a lower competition in many spheres of business. Importantly, setting up a new business here does not require significant investments or a huge amount of time to start full-fledged functioning. An unprecedentedly high level of salaries and taxes can be the holding back factors, although the economy is growing and functioning healthy, while unemployment and inflation are maintained at extremely low levels.


The Spanish authorities are eager to create new job opportunities in the event of decreased economic growth, therefore they introduce the investment flow mechanisms that simply business migration or setting up new companies. Affordable real estate, relatively moderate salaries and simple legislation that opens an array of opportunities – that’s why businessmen and entrepreneurs make a choice in favour of this country (not to mention very favourable climate and a huge number of recreation options).


That’s the EU second economy gaining momentum at a railway speed – the country is going from strength to strength as for new businesses establishment, and its economy is healthier than ever. Poland is, perhaps, the most affordable country from taxation standpoint and now could be the right moment to jump in the locomotive of rapid development.


Conduct business in the country is tough, and providing the example of a relatively vacant niche to step in business is hardly possible. Perhaps, investments in real estate is a way to go – according to, a large legal aggregator that allows you to find law experts effortlessly (including immigration solicitors: London, Birmingham, Manchester and other cities), has recently published a conveyance solicitors review that indicates up to 7 times growth in real estate price in London and expects the tendency to be maintained throughout at least next 5 years.

If you are interested in business immigration, do not take hasty decisions. Gather the topical info and team up with experienced solicitors – perhaps, there may be more favourable conditions for your business in South Asian region.

An overview of prestigious real estate options in London

A statistical analysis of the demand for real estate in the UK shows that the very first rise of the cost of apartments in London accounts for the mid eighties. These were the times when property in England was acquired by eminent Arab families, among them, the famous millionaire Al-Fayed. The period of the late nineties until 2004 refers to the Russian investment flows. During this period natives of Russia acquired real estate in huge quantities and thus raised the its price to the soaring heights. Today the market in London is equally divided between domestic companies and individuals, and international investors, and property in London, one of the most prestigious and accessible cities in terms of real estate acquisition, remains to be a desired pulm for many.

During the last twenty years, the cost of houses and apartments in the most prestigious areas of London increased by almost seven times. The property prices in London are growing annually at 3-10% rate, especially the prices for such areas as Mayfair, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea. In the monetary value grow the services of conveyance solicitors, allowing the deal to happen. The most affordable are considered to be one-bedroom apartments. Property prices in London have increased so greatly that nobody is surprised by the 900,000 pounds cost of one bedroom apartment. And the average cost of presentable two-bedroom apartments of about 124 square meters is currently balancing in the range of 1.5 – 2ml. pounds. Small houses in London in Victorian style will cost from $10 million pounds, townhouses are cheaper 2.9ml. pounds. Of course, these kinds of property are rarely purchased for investment purposes, but as a demonstration of the prestige and status of the owner.

A cheaper, and therefore less prestigious properties are located in North London. The first option to pay attention are the areas of Regents Park and Hampstead – prices in these areas are about 20% lower than for similar objects in the center of London. Charming East London may also be a reasonable direction to take if you are looking to spend a great amount of money, especially the areas of Kew Gardens and Richmond. Most of the property concentrated in these areas has a rich aristocratic history. In this part of London the houses are frequently bought by world-famous celebrities and businessmen.

The most controversial in terms of prestige is considered to be Docklands area. Developers and investors are engaged in its large-scale buildings, are struggling to give it a prestigious status. This course is primarily designed for foreign buyers, since the indigenous British refuse to recognise the elite area. In this regard, realtors, have a reason to believe that real estate is undervalued in Docklands area. And in the futures of growth in property prices in this area of London is approximately 25-30%.

The cost of apartments in London also depends on the proximity of transport hubs. The railway network consists of London Underground, National Rail and the surface trains. The transport system is integrated into a single network, and in fact, it does not matter, next to which station your apartment is located – the proximity to larger transportation hubs is a huge advantage already. All the trains run well on schedule, is equally comfortable and paid single tickets.