To choose the right investment target, you should thoroughly examine real estate market, its main seasonal trends, the interconnection with political factors in the international arena, as well as consider recoupment of premises at a time when the resale is made. Real estate market in London is characterised by a low level of dependence on the price of international discord, persistent foundation of its recoupment which is provided by a stable economy and the continued growth of business.

Analysing the market of London real estate, almost 50% of investment project accounts for international investments. This suggests that the real estate market is an attractive area, and it is so for a good reason. When buying real estate investors from many countries are spared from paying tax on annual capital gain, which typically ranges from 25 – 55%. When purchasing residential property in London a resident has to pay 7.8% VAT, then process the second transaction, irrespective of the commercial value of the object, in the amount of 1,000 pounds. By investing money in real estate, investors from the CIS should remember that London authorities guarantee them a mortgage of up to 85% of the total value of the property. If we take the percentage increase, the annual increase in the cost of sales of real estate in London is capped at 14%. Thus, for example, in CIS countries it is practically superior to the most popular interest rate on deposits in the currency of the leading banks, as well as in the private real estate, rent profitability which in London is extremely high.

It is worth noting that the price factor is affected by both the country and city development, in which the target property is located. Of course, such factors as the district, development plans, proximity to downtown and other vital geographical points contribute to the price formation greatly. Real estate in London in respectable quarters is offered at high cost starting from around 2.5ml. pounds. The prestigious areas of London, as a rule, include Chelsea, Mayfair, Belgravia, Kensington, and Knightsbridge. The price per square meter of residential property in these areas of London varies between 10 to 18 thousand pounds, with particularly high prices in the central areas of the Thames.

Legal assistance

In order to properly invest the funds into real estate, you must have a thorough training, both in terms of information and legislation, and, of course, have links in London, which could contribute to the process of selling real estate. The most suitable for an investor package of conditions and opportunities. This is where you will need the services of conveyance solicitors – legal specialists that deal with real estate in England. Larger firms dealing with property thoroughly examine market proposals, and provide you with a large number of opportunities – a wide array of services: from professional estimation, selection of property and legal services to furnishing and communications design.

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