A Comprehensive Look At Real Estate Investment State Of Affairs In London

The leading UK market analysts expect the cost of housing in London will increase by more than 20% by 2020. The latest data of the Land Registry shows that the constantly increasing average cost of housing in London has crossed the threshold of half a million pounds, and currently stands at £514,097. The rise in prices in the city is estimated at the level of 12.4% compared to the previous year, which is significantly higher than the level of price increases in most other regions of the country; importantly, the price for the services of conveyancing solicitors has increased quite similarly – roughly by 10%.

A Brief Overview Of London Real Estate Market From Investment Standpoint

To choose the right investment target, you should thoroughly examine real estate market, its main seasonal trends, the interconnection with political factors in the international arena, as well as consider recoupment of premises at a time when the resale is made. Real estate market in London is characterised by a low level of dependence on the price of international discord, persistent foundation of its recoupment which is provided by a stable economy and the continued growth of business.

The state of affairs on real estate market of England: London is booming

From an economic point of view, investment in purchasing UK property is a beneficial direction, as it provides real yields about 10.3% annually. ‘The calculation is as follows: from the national UK house price index of the Nationwide Building Society, grew in June by 11.8% we subtract the consumer inflation rate, which is 1.5%’, EXNESS experts say. Therefore, the expert company does not believe that the UK property market has arisen as a ‘bubble’. In the coming months, the situation in this sector is likely to get stabilised.

Business Migration: Considering EU Opportunities

Each year various authoritative publications such as Forbes or Time share their lists of the most attractive countries for the so-called business immigration. If you decide to open a business or to transfer it abroad, looking through this list may give a couple of vital idea. Today we are picking up the most mentioned countries for EU business immigration in 2015 according to various sources.